About Us

We all wish to lead a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for one’s well-being. However, what actually does a healthy lifestyle entail?

Today being healthy is only limited to our physical illness. People go overboard to make sure they are physically fit by exercising, dieting, having check-ups every three months and so. And, all of this is extremely crucial. But, we are still forgetting to consider all the facets of a healthy lifestyle.

Like exercise helps our body become fit, counselling helps our mind remain calm and free of unwanted and disturbing thoughts. Lifestyle counseling focuses on pre-emptive measures or behaviors to alleviate current stress areas. It is a holistic approach to the desired lifestyle, which embodies the mind, soul, and body. A healthy lifestyle is not only defined by the food we eat and our daily workout hours but also the thoughts we churn daily.

We at Weal and Woe consider a holistic approach that involves overall development of mind, body, and soul. Not turning a blind eye on many facets of life, we strive to maintain a balance for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient exercise, following a fixed sleeping regime is very helpful to improve our physiological health. Along with this talking to loved ones, therapeutic sessions, meeting new friends, de-stressing ourselves, taking external or expert help when required; help us improve our mental health.

Where millions of people face some sort of stress, anxiety or depression problem at some point in their lives, the significance of leading a balanced lifestyle that encircles all aspects of the body and mind cannot be undervalued. Stress is a fact of our life. No matter how much we wish to lead a stress-free life, it is an illusion. And, having stress is not a problem, it is how you deal with it matters. Individuals differ by genes, social echelon, peer and parenting lifestyle, culture, etc. The threshold to take in and rise above the stress or pressure also varies from person to person. For a child, it may be the peer competition while for an adult it would be marital issues or job. For an old couple, it would only be a pair of hands and ears to listen to their agony and loneliness.

Any change that we may have to adapt to makes us stressed. Sometimes even happy events like a vacation, being promoted, getting a new job lead to stress, as they too require adaptation.

Learning how to effectively cope with stress while maintaining your physiological health is where we step in. The more your soul is happy the better your lifestyle is. The pursuit of a balanced lifestyle can be stringent at times, so we at Weal and Woe take a multi-faceted approach covering all of the bases.

The correlation between mind and body is a lot stronger than we may think. It may seem like leading a healthy lifestyle is a complex concept, but in veracity, it is pretty simple...We just need to ensure that we look for our minds and body equally.

Why us

In this judgemental world, we all need someone to whom you can freely connect and open up. The norms, beliefs, and stigmas laid down by society can be frustrating at times. Even though we are doing better, the negative comments and feedback from others pull us down and hinders our growth.

Truth to be told, everyone is battling his or her own war and everyone is trying to win. You have to be best at yours and for that, a therapeutic intervention will be very helpful where you can relate to other people and live your life happily.

As long as it hinders your mental health it is a problem, the extremity of the problem should not be a concern. Talking about it to an expert can help attenuate your problems and modify negative behavior to a positive one.

A diverse set of interventions is required for different kinds of people and problems. We at Weal and Woe provide with a simple and practical model for one-on-one or online counseling tailor-made for every different individual.

We propose an organized approach for lifestyle counseling in which clinicians assess, identify, encourage and provide with the best possible advice and a daily regime to turn your life around.

"Healthy isn't a goal, it's a way of living"