Events / Workshops

Lifestyle is not just eating good food and having a healthy body but also a healthy mind, stress-free thoughts and an overall healthy emotional state too. To make sure you feed your mind with healthy thoughts we organize various events and workshops that can help you have a better lifestyle.

The purpose of conducting these events is reaching maximum people in limited time with people who share the goal of improving their lifestyle to a better level. And let’s not forget people love connecting with others who share their interests and passions. In addition to learning new things, one can also build new professional relationships, gain friendships with like-minded individuals and even get to know more about yourself and others.

Our Events and Workshops are special because we dive into the current functioning, understand the client’s needs and collaboratively come up with the best strategy to work with. Working hand-in-hand, we not only help identify the critical needs but also be with you and help you implement the same in your lifestyle.

We believe that each event/workshop is different and so we take time out to understand the drivers behind the current situation and then move forward.

Here we are to provide amazing, high-energy experiences for any group in any location with fun-filled, self-realizing and unconventional events that participants remember for years to come!


Moving away from the dreary star-studded talks to life-like experiences that create a great combination to one’s personality and overall development; our events have something for everyone. Having a better lifestyle means touching all aspects and phases of one’s life. So, we have designed our events in such a way where we consider all the aspects like healthy food, finance, personality, appearance, talking about emotions to help you achieve a better and healthy lifestyle.

The host of our offerings include Couple lunch for heart-to-heart conversation, Expert talk with a Dietician, Advice from a Financial Guru, Pre-Marital Advice to name a few.


The world around us is invariably in a state of change and we need to be able to deal with this transformation efficiently. To accomplish something in today's cutthroat and multifaceted environment, one needs to grow and demonstrate "the potential within, underlying characteristics and behaviors that drive superior performance at work.

To achieve this stratum, Weal and Woe conduct workshops and training for the corporate. These workshops are handcrafted to ensure the group imbibes new skills, values; and leave the workshop highly motivated and satisfied. Weal and Woe have been providing highly customized Soft skill solutions, Leadership development training, Team building and Motivational workshops to corporate across India.

All our events and workshops can be tailored as Keynotes, Seminar, Workshops (3 hours to 6 hrs), and/or one or more days program.

"Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding."