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Redefining the concept of counseling

Considering all facets of life like a healthy diet, exercise, following a fixed sleeping regime is important, we believe talking to loved ones, therapeutic sessions, meeting new friends, de-stressing ourselves, taking external or expert are also equally important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lifestyle Counselling
  • Group Couples therapy
  • Creative Workshops

Don't wonder what's wrong, let's rectify

Weal and Woe considers a holistic approach that involves the overall development of mind, body, and soul. Every phase of life has it's own new and modified challenges. Let us help you to shift these gears of your life smoothly for your own growth and happiness.

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Meet our well-trained experts in person to identify and discuss ways that would help you improve your relationships and overall wellbeing.

Online Counselling

Schedule a live session at a time that's convenient for you and talk your heart out without worrying about the geographical location.


Enjoy new learnings with our skilled professionals by means of the workshop and get the best out of it.

Corporate Management

Help your workforce to hone their skills with the most engaging corporate learning platform.

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Some facts from Indian Researches

  • 90% of Indians suffer from Stress.
  • 75% of Indians do not feel comfortable taking expert advice in spite of stress.
  • 85% of candidates reported that they are not equipped to take career decisions.
  • 90% of Indian start-ups fail within five years.
  • 61 % of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle or NCDs
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