Emerging Adulthood

The rapid hormonal, sexual, cognitive, and emotional changes are all a part of Emerging Adulthood. This transition becomes a subject that leaves very little wiggle room to triumph with no difficulties.


Exacerbated with peer pressure, social media, parents’ expectations, our responsibilities, goals and decisions, quarter-life seems to take a toll on young adults. It is a period where people have insecurities and doubts with respect to their career, relationships and finances.

The options and transitions hurtling towards adults in rapid succession could dredge up self-doubt. In fact, researches say that 75% of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis, often related to feeling as if they are at a crossroads in their career.

Career Profiling

A “Career Profile” is a self-assessment document that summarizes your skills, values, interests, personality traits and other necessary background information. The purpose is to have everything you have discovered from self-assessment on one page as a future reference tool. This will give you more clarity in career decision-making.

We here at Weal and Woe shall help you to design some tools and paths and share an understanding on how a variety of personal attributes (preferences, skills, etc) affect potential success and satisfaction with different career options.

Relationship Goals

Most of the people have a notion that Relationship Counseling is required when things are really bad in a relationship and there is no other way out. Mostly it is the last option people choose.

However, for us Relationship Counseling is just not solving your differences and making tough decisions, it is to explore a bigger picture of your relationship and understanding the patterns of your behavior.

Mindful Parenting

The concept of mindfulness is to build a lifelong positive relationship with our children, while also teaching them all the skills they will need to become well-balanced, emotionally intelligent adults.

It is not a skill that needs mastery, but a set of paraphernalia we can use to fully engage our children. Parents strive to do their best in fostering their child and there is no single parenting style that is wrong or right. And so, we focus on self-reflection and understanding so parents can make informed decisions that are the best fit for their family.

Birthing Partner

Pregnancy is the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life. There are many changes physically as well as emotionally that the parents endure. With excitement and happiness of the new addition in your lives comes along anxiety and vulnerability too.

It’s quite common for couples to have arguments every now and then during pregnancy. Due to these occasional difficulties, the mother is sometimes left with no one to talk to or relate with. Even though our partners would be there for us most of the times, they are sometimes not able to give the emotional support the mother needs.

Midlife Crisis

The transition we go through while approaching middle age is a challenge where we struggle to escape the feelings of emotional turmoil. In midlife, we start realizing that things didn’t exactly fall into place that seamlessly and we doubt our decision-making skills amounting to the loss of confidence.

However, we believe that a midlife crisis is a unique opportunity to make your life really yours. We would help you understand the roots of the crisis, gain control over your emotions, and take meaningful steps towards goals that will make life feel meaningful.

Second Innings

Aging is a relic of life. Living longer does not necessarily equate to quality of life. We are here to help you find a fine line between living and existing, between quality and quantity of life. We believe everyone deserves to be given a chance to be heard and not just passed off as an old person who may have problems and say, “that’s part of life”.

"Your body is the engine. Your mind is the engineer."